Larry Caldwell, Esq.


LITIGATION:  A trial lawyer since 1985. I have had hundreds of trials in that time.    

FAMILY LAW:  I can provide representation and attentive counselling in divorce matters including child custody and support, separation agreements, litigation of property issues, and alimony.  While I have ample ability to fight for your interests in court, I will never loss sight of  the trauma that a divorce is for you.

 I will seek to reduce both the emotional and financial impact of your divorce.  While there is no way to guarantee you a painless breakup of your family, I can at least assure you of my fee.  It is one hundred eighty-five dollars per hour.  I am happy to offer flat fees for uncontested divorce, separation agreements, and other matters.

CRIMINAL LAW: I have extensive experience in representing those charged with DUI, drug offenses, assaults as well as more serious charges.  I have had over a hundred criminal jury trials.  Please call me with your particular problem and I will give you an idea of what I can do for you and what it will cost you.

ESTATES:  My services include drafting of wills, setting up trusts, writing living wills as well as litigation services in contested estate matters.

PERSONAL INJURY:  Please call me if you have been injured or a loved one has died from the possible negligence of another.

​Referrals:  If your matter is not something I feel comfortable representing you on I can usually send you to an attorney that is right for you.  Referrals are free and I receive no compensation from those to whom you are referred.